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What is Forced Showdown?

Forced Showdown is an action rogue-like Galactic Game Show, that uses deck-building elements for character progression.

The game is developed by BetaDwarf and was announced on Kickstarter October 6th 2015 (under the name "Forced: Eternal Arenas") and released March 29th, 2016.

Grab it on Steam and see what the buzz's all about with TotalBiscuit!

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Major content updates

Grab the Showdown IndieBox! - - 2016/12/09 13:31

Check out this awesome collectors edition of FORCED SHOWDOWN, that IndieBox has helped us make! It's filled with secret collector items and is only available in a limited period! Give it look :)Use th...

Halloween Update - Spooky spectres! - - 2016/10/28 13:15

Contestants,I’ve got a scary surprise in store for you today, because my special Halloween event just went live!You’ll see ghosts around every corner, pumpkins decorating the arenas, and eternal n...

Update 46 - Settsu cards and balance changes! - - 2016/10/19 13:15

Contestants,This week I’m updating Settsu so she has more card options, introducing a couple of new enemies and doing a lot of balance changes based on community feedback!Settsu receives 4 new cards...

Update 45b - More free dlc, community level up and bug fixes - - 2016/09/30 08:10

Contestants,EDIT: The social media offer has been temporarily disabledWe just updated the game with 2 new free DLCs that you can get by following us on Twitter and Facebook.Those who follow us on soci...

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